Good Day Farms- Full Spec CO2 Vape – 0.5g – Black Jack


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Good Day Farm vape carts are available in the same medicinally beneficial terpene profiles as our flower. We extract our purely refined oil using the CO2 method, then de-wax and filter away the less desirable plant-based compounds like chlorophyll and cellulose. This process creates a clean and semi-transparent, amber colored cannabis oil. We then reintroduce strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes. We never add anything derived from non-cannabis origins, ensuring our oil is as pure and precise to the plant profile as possible.
Good Day Farm Black Jack is an indica dominant hybrid strain derived from the cross of Black Domina with Jack Herer. It is said to produce exceptionally long-lasting effects which leave you feeling heavy headed and spacey, yet uplifted and happy. Black Jack is best for treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disorders and nausea.


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